We provide a variety of services but our core business will always be the provision of Inventory and Check out reports. Our services and working procedures are explained in more detail here.

Because kitchens and bathrooms will always be the main point of contention we have addressed our means of reporting and detailing these areas as a separate section.


Inventory Production

Inventory Production

A professionally produced Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition is a vital document for both landlord and tenant as it provides an independent, accurate and detailed report on the exact condition and state of a property at the commencement of a tenancy which can be agreed by all parties.

What does this procedure entail?

We will ideally attend the property 48 – 72 hours before the tenancy is due to commence, once it is fully prepared for the new tenant to the satisfaction of the landlord and letting agent. We will carry out a stringent inspection of the whole property, including any gardens and outbuildings. 

We will evaluate the layout of the property to establish its layout. Our inventories are compiled room by room and our reports will follow the most logical route and progression through the property, making it as user-friendly as possible.

The most accurate means of compiling an inventory is to provide a detailed written description of all features, providing a separate commentary on any defects, issues observed, pre-existing damage or areas of concern.

This information is presented in the inventory in tabular form, described clockwise, with each feature individually referenced with a space for tenants to add comments where appropriate. A typical room description will look like this:

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Furnished properties – we will provide a detailed description of all furniture, and provide a commentary regarding condition, level of wear and any damage. We will check soft furnishings for fire regulations compliance tickets and note these. Furniture will be described in the room in which it is presented. Relevant photographs will also be included.


The relative location of damage - in this case a cracked mirrored door - is illustrated to avoid end of tenancy disputes

Raised floor level creating potential trip hazard - health and safety issues are highlighted

Here a carpet adjacent to solid fuel fire is illustrated to show that it has no burns or scorches at commencement of tenancy

This image of black mould deposits will be referred to again at check-out to establish whether the issue has worsened

A room overview is included where possible - in this case it is useful to illustrate different wall finishes

Photographs of any damage, defects or potential sources of contention will be added and clearly labelled, usually laid out three per page. In the event of any possible ambivalence (a burn on a carpet, for example) a marker will be added to the photograph showing its relative location in the room.

We provide an indicator of the relative location of damage in rooms - this card indicates a burn in the carpet

In this illustration Cards indicate cracked tiles in kitchen floor

Smoke and CO detectors will be tested for an audible warning – we will advise letting agents immediately in the event of defects or inadequate provision.

We will also undertake a basic risk assessment and note any potential hazards, and notify letting agents of any imminent maintenance issues observed.

Meter readings will also be taken and photographs of the readings included within the report. The location of the stopcock and any other critical features will also be noted. 


The Report

All of our reports can be provided in any format reasonably requested by the instructing principal.

An encrypted copy of all reports will be securely stored by us for future reference – copyright of reports is held by Sheridan Inventory Services.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms by their nature cause the  most contention and disputes at the end of tenancy. The best way to minimise this is to put particular detail and information into the original inventory to ensure that there is a clear and straightforward understanding of the condition of these areas at commencement of tenancy. Kitchens will include a full breakdown of the condition and specification of integrated equipment and white goods, and the configuration of units. We will evaluate ventilation provisions in bathrooms and check that extractors are operative and windows functional to forestall disputes arising from condensation deposits. A typical kitchen description will look like this:

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We always try and incorporate an overview of kitchen units to give a clear idea of the layout

Woodblock worktops can be a point of contention - we illustrate their condition in most vulnerable areas

Appliances are illustrated in their condition as presented

This quartz block worktop has been chipped in two places. Markers have been placed to indicate the relative location of damage

We always photograph bathroom and kitchen ceilings to illustrate that they are free of condensation discolouration

Bathrooms, likewise, are fully described with particular attention being paid to cleanliness and the condition of sealant strips, enamel etc.

Bath seals and shower base seal strip - these tend to be particularly contentious areas at check-out

This bathroom has no external windows. We will note this, with an advisory that the extractor fan system must always be used



The provision of a clear, relevant and detailed independent check out report is critical to the end of tenancy procedure and is essential to protect the interests of both landlord and tenant.

Our check out procedure is to make an appointment with the outgoing tenant and meet them at the property on the last day of the tenancy. This enables us to discuss any issues arising during the tenancy. We find that tenants appreciate an assurance that their interests will be protected by the involvement of experienced, independent professionals.

A check out is carried out by conducting a detailed inspection of the property and its current condition in conjunction with the original documents, noting any damage, losses or shortfalls in acceptable standards of maintenance, cleanliness or presentation. We will also note and document any additions and alterations made during the tenancy,

Final meter readings will be taken and keys will be recovered and photographed.

Following our inspection and a considered appraisal of the duration of the tenancy to make appropriate allowances for wear and tear we will produce a report. The information in a check out is presented in tabular form cross referencing the original inventory.

Supporting photographs will be embedded in the report

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Evidence of inadequate ventilation - bathroom ceiling

Tile fixative and seal strip in shower enclosure not cleaned

We ensure that all parts of the oven are addressed and compared with commencement of tenancy illustrations


In the event of any dispute we will provide full support and guidance to the letting agent to avoid, as far as possible, disputes between landlord and tenant. We have an enviable reputation for the timely and satisfactory resolution of disputes and have achieved this through the accuracy of our reports and preparedness to achieve accord.


Please note that if you have previously used another provider or compiled your own inventories we can produce a check-out report based on this source documentation. If no inventory is available we can still compile a check-out although this will not be legally binding.

Other Products & Services

Other Products and Services

Our core business is the provision of independent inventory and check out reports. To maintain the sector leading levels of service and reliability that our client base has come to expect this work will always be prioritised in our schedules.

We can offer other products and services subject to availability:

  • Inventory and Check - In - We will make an appointment to meet the tenant at the property when the tenancy commences and, with the tenant, conduct a thorough walk-round inspection of the property. We will show the incoming tenant the location of meters, fuse panel, stopcock and any manuals. When we provide this service we are unable to provide the tenant with a fully completed inventory at check-in. We therefore ask the tenant to complete an interim declaration, confirming that they have received keys and been shown the property including safety critical features.  Within 48 hours we will provide the inventory in PDF format and send to the tenant and letting agent. 
  • Interim Property Inspections - We can do these. Experience tells us, however, that because of the complexity of arranging them, coupled with our large operating area and the demands of our core business we may not be able to offer this product at a commercially attractive rate. We are happy to consider enquiries and attempt to negotiate fees.
  • Tenant Advisory Service - Independent inventories or check out reports will always carry far more weight in the event of end of tenancy deposit disputes. Many local letting agents still only offer their own reports. The regional “chain” agents may offer what purports to be an independent report that has been compiled by a subsidiary company with a different trading name. In both cases the evidence cannot be considered independent and the interests of the tenant may not have been objectively addressed. We can provide independent check out reports or advice at the instruction of tenants should they consider that inappropriate deposit deductions have been imposed.
  • Relocation Agents - We work with Letting and Relocation agents based in other areas of the UK. We provide local representation and oversight for you on a subcontracted basis, and can assist with local market advice and information.
  • Production Companies - We have experience providing oversight inventories, handover protocols and compliance reporting for film and television production companies taking temporary possession of properties either for location or “reality” filming and production work.
  • Probate - Whilst we are unable to provide valuations we can extend our experience of providing highly detailed inventories to the provision of reports for probate purposes.
  • Wise Words - We’ve been in business since 2010 and take the view that the experience and understanding of the lettings market that we’ve gained over the years, both professionally and in personal capacities, is an invaluable resource. We’re happy for you to contact us wherever you are in the market to tap into that resource. A bit of advice costs nothing.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of our other products and services, it’s what we’ve done so far. As long as our knowledge, experience and insurance policies cover it we’ll consider any associated work if commitments allow – feel free to enquire.